Go to the beach in Sicily! The beaches of Fondachello and Marina di Cottone

In Sicily, the sea is certainly one of the main attractions! In this page I want to describe the best beaches where you can go, not far from Sea Shell Holiday Home.

There are really many options ‘for all tastes’: in a few kilometers you will find long stretches of sand or cobblestone beaches, but also stretches of rocky coastline and small beaches of volcanic origin.

From the Riposto beach to Torre Archirafi

Just 400 meters from the Sea Shell Holiday Home you will find the small beach of Riposto, located behind the commercial harbor. It’s a stony beach, with a predominantly rocky seabed.

Some rocks not far from the shore “protect” bathers from the waves in case of rough sea. From this point begins the promenade leading to the village of Torre Archirafi: here the beach is made up of rocks (lava stone) and the seabed is rocky.

In many places you can simply go down to the beach directly from the street and relax where you prefer. These beaches are located very close to the Sea Shell and can be easily reached on foot.

spiaggia tra riposto e Torre Archirafi
spiaggetta di Riposto

Fondachello Beach

At about 2 km from the Sea Shell Holiday Home there are some of the most beautiful beaches of eastern Sicily: those near the town of Fondachello.

The beaches of Fondachello are very popular and during the summer both tourists and locals love to go there. These beaches are rather long and characterized by very small pebbles mixed with sand. In Fondachello you will find numerous bathing establishments where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There you can also find catering services. In the many stretches of free beach you can instead stay where you prefer.

Spiaggia di Fondachello, Sicilia
spiaggia di marina di cottone, Sicilia

On the beachfront promenade there are some bars, restaurants and mini-markets. You can arrive in this area by car, driving along the seafront, and park on the public road. If you like to walk, you can also reach these beaches on foot, in about half an hour.

Marina di Cottone Beach

Continuing beyond Fondachello, you will reach the seaside resort of Marina di Cottone. Compared to Fondachello, the sand here is a bit ‘finer’, and in many places you will get to the beach through a grove of eucalyptus and pine trees.

In this area there are fewer bathing establishments and more free beach areas. Unlike Fondachello, in Marina di Cottone there are no agglomerations of houses nor any catering service. Normally the area is a bit less populated than Fondachello.

San Marco beach and the Alcantara

Just after the junction with the SP71i, ends the town of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (in this point a small river flows into the sea). From here, the asphalt promenade continues on a country road, where you can not drive, but just walk.

To get to the San Marco resort by car (1.5 km away) you will have to turn off for the SP71i, take the SS114 and turn right again (SP127). The beach of San Marco (very popular in the area) also consists mainly of small pebbles. During the summer there are some small bars and restaurants, as well as a bathing establishment.

Continuing along the road for a few hundred meters, you will reach the river Alcantara, which marks the border between the province of Catania and that of Messina. Personally I love this last stretch of beach, where the waters of the river mix with those of the sea!

Spiaggia presso la foce dell'Alcantara in Sicilia
spiaggia dell'Alcantara, Sicilia

The Praiola beach

The beach of Praiola is instead in the territory of Riposto, about 6 km from the Sea Shell holiday home. It is a small, rarely visited beach, really different from the beaches I have described so far.

Here the seabed is rocky, while the beach is mostly made up of large stones and pebbles. In some places there is a bed of black volcanic sand. The Praiola beach is bounded, both from north and south, by an imposing volcanic cliffs (see the photos).

The area on which this beach stands is located in open countryside, far from population centers, in an area used for the cultivation of lemons and other citrus fruits. It is a place that I find very impressive, both for the characteristics of the beach and the surranding area. However I must admit that just because of the stones, access to the sea can be a bit ‘inconvenient’.

spiaggia Praiola (Riposto) Sicilia
Spiaggia Praiola di Riposto, Sicilia

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